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Yamaha’s electronic clutch lever

30 mayo, 2021

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As we mentioned in our previous news item, if the Honda DCT system –Dual Clutch Transmission- uses a double clutch hub, but both are located on the same side and adjacent, the Yamaha system uses two separate clutch hubs, placed one on each side of the engine, at each end of the crankshaft. As in the DCT, one clutch is for the even speeds -2ª, 4ª and 6ª- and the other for the odd -1ª, 3ª and 5ª-. So far everything is the same, but what is a ride by wire clutch lever for?

In a motorcycle with automatic or semi-automatic transmission, the rider cannot intervene in the regulation of the engine brake when reducing, because there is no clutch lever. But in the Yamaha system yes! And it is that in Iwata they have patented an electronic clutch that in reductions can be controlled by the pilot by means of an electronic clutch lever, without cable or hydraulic mechanism, a “ride by wire” clutch lever. Like an electronic throttle but for the clutch. It is what they call AMT, “Automated Manual Transmission”, an automated manual transmission, a gearbox and a “conventional” clutch commanded by an electronic clutch lever.

With this system, the rider would drive the motorcycle in a semiautomatic mode, that is, changing gears – up or down – using the two buttons on the left gear – there is no gear pedal – without having to press the clutch lever. But both pushbuttons would automatically use the “rheostat” of the electronic clutch lever to control the two clutch hubs – moved through a hydraulic or electric actuator. So far everything works as in the DCT, but the extra of this Yamaha system is that in reductions the rider can intervene in the clutch by squeezing the lever and adjusting the amount of engine brake at will and, if necessary, canceling it completely with just squeeze the clutch lever fully. As on a conventional motorcycle.

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