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Yamaha’s offer to Jorge Lorenzo and his return to the paddock ‘without pressure’

25 mayo, 2021
Lorenzo a Yamaha 2020

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Jorge Lorenzo told Austrian television, three only three days ago, I was going to go back to the paddock soon, but no pressure, that is, without competing.

Jorge said that his life is in the circuits, with the motorcycles, and that soon (we imagine that after parties) he would tell in what situation he would return.

Having ruled out the possibility of doing it while competing, the options of manager, television commentator, or test pilot.

With regard to the latter, and according to account, Yamaha has made an offer to the Spanish rider to act as test rider, after Johann Zarco rejected the one that Lin Jarvis did to him at the end of last season and the fact of not having renewed Jonas Folger, who carried out this mission until last season.

The most influential Yamaha rider, Valentino Rossi, was asked what he would like about the possibility of Lorenzo returning to Yamaha, but as a tester: “I would love to have Lorenzo as a tester, because he is a very fast rider and could help us ”, Knowing that Lorenzo is a very detailed rider when setting up the bike.

Will this definitely be the return option no pressure What was the Mallorcan aiming for? The answer, within a few weeks.

Without a doubt, the five-time world champion could have a relevance in Yamaha like the one he has Dani Pedrosa on KTM, that is to say, decisive.

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