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23 mayo, 2021
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If you just bought your motorcycle and decided to enter the biker world there will be thousands of things you want to dabble in and experiment with. One of them will surely be to do your first long motorcycle trip. We can bet that after the first time it will be something that you will not be able to stop doing, as it is one of the most enriching and pleasant experiences that a biker can live. However, for this first experience to be full of pure good memories, it is better to take into account some tips to make long motorcycle trips for the first time, because like all the first times in life, the lack of experience does not allow us to consider all the factors. Before which we can find ourselves, but that has a remedy since there is only one first time and there are also lists of tips, like this one, that help you prevent.


The first, super basic and most important of all is that Before leaving on a trip, make sure that your motorcycle is in perfect condition and conditions to carry out the trip you have planned. Also make sure you take a kit with you that can help you solve any unforeseen event when you are in the middle of the trip.

After you have made sure that the bike is indeed in good condition, what follows is plan routes and travel time. We recommend that although you are eager to take a trip to the end of the world on your motorcycle, you better start little by little, not eating cravings is a good security strategy when you start in this world, the experience is one of the best allies in these kinds of adventures. Start with a not so long day in which you know yourself and your motorcycle, you will be increasing distance in future trips. Also remember prior to the trip be well rested so that you can start a journey with the battery and all the senses to one hundred, because you are going to need them.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that precisely because it is a long trip, you will find yourself sitting in the same position for a long time, therefore comfort is something you should seek. You may have to invest a little in accessories and suitable clothing, but believe it, it is worth it, because for a motorcycle trip to be fully enjoyed from the beginning, comfort is essential.

So as not to overwhelm you too much let’s pause here, digest your first long motorcycle trip part 1 and wait for part two.

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