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23 mayo, 2021
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This is your first long motorcycle trip part 2, We continue with the theme of the first trip and the precautions that should be taken.

Although experience is the number one factor, it is also a good idea to use existing resources that can facilitate things, for example technology. There are several applications that as travelers are very functional for us. A browser GPS It would help us a lot not only to locate ourselves on the map, but also to locate places of interest, aid stations or a good place to stop to eat or rest. In addition, in many applications, users usually leave their comments and recommendations about their own experiences and that will give you many clues. But although GPS is a good resource, always remember to carry a traditional map, the kind of paper, believe it, they do not go out of style.


Carry a suitable equipment For a motorcycle trip it is an investment that is taken for granted, there are many safety reasons that we have already talked about before why it is essential to wear a good helmet, jacket, pants, boots and other accessories that protect you from things like falls or weather changes.


And precisely the weather It is a very variable factor that you are going to find and that definitely cannot be controlled, so better anticipate that at any moment a rain may fall and it will be much better to go with waterproof clothing. Bringing suitable equipment for changes in weather can cost a bit, but you will appreciate it when the cold hits you with the wind or on the contrary, the heat is unbearable.

And finally try to wear only the necessary luggage, an overload of luggage is something you can regret halfway through. Try not to carry unnecessary valuable things that do not give you the peace of mind of getting off the motorcycle and leaving it parked while you rest or have some food.

The most important thing is to enjoy the adventure and live the experience to the fullest, so we can only wish you happy riding as usual.

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