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Your opinion counts: Is the bike only for good weather?

25 mayo, 2021
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Edward He is a 35-year-old from Murcia who has spent almost half his life on two wheels. After going through several naked, he currently drives a Suzuki DR650 from 95 And although you would like to take it out every day, for work you can only use it on weekends. For him, the motorcycle is to enjoy, so if there is rain I do not go out, because it is an unnecessary danger. Nor if it is very cold, which prevents me from enjoying the bike. I don’t go out in the countryside when it’s brutally hot, after six months without raining, the air is pure dust stinging in the throat and you end up dripping and with your gloves soaked. So I enjoy the road more in summer and the country in winter. A) Yes I can go out all year, because during the Murcian halftime (about 8 months) you can do whatever you want, it’s always good here. “

For Eduardo, the fact of using the motorcycle all year round is by adaptation and necessity: “People who tell you that they go out even if they hit the pointers is because they live in a climate where they have no other option. If a Basque parks his motorcycle when it is raining or cold, he would never go out. He who lives in cold and rainy climates rides a motorcycle, bike, walk, work or play with your children in cold or rain because it is their day to day. He who lives where the sun is a punishment because those 4 bad days stay at home. “

But, although Eduardo is not one of those who use the motorcycle on a daily basis, he has also suffered from it because of the weather: “I remember an unexpected rain in the port of Velefique, Almería, one day we went up to see the snow. The water washed away the ice from the gutters and the road became a skating rink. Rain and motorcycles do not get along, the contact surface with the asphalt is small and it becomes tremendously unstable, in addition to all the dirt and oil that may be on the road surface. I will never forget that day”.

And although Murcia is an area that stands out for its good weather, there are also days in winter when it is very cold. Y to survive low temperatures On a motorcycle, Eduardo has several tricks: “The ideal is to wear three layers of clothing: thermal garments that are close to the skin, then something warm like a fleece and, finally, the waterproof jacket with protections. It also helps a lot to dress in a warm place, like a heated room, instead of having to warm the clothes with your body. A old but effective trick is to put the glove sleeve around the exhaust while standing still, the exhaust gases heat the gloves from the inside. And for the head the best thing is a balaclava that covers as low as possible, adding a panty around the neck so that the wind does not cool you down. But the best advice of all is left for last. And it is none other than stopping every hour to have a tea or a broth and hold and drink something hot, because helps a lot to stabilize body temperature. “

Carlos: “I always take it, unless pointy sticks fall

Your opinion counts: Is the bike only for good weather?

Carlos He is a 42-year-old from Barcelona who, after 20 years on a motorcycle, continues to use it on a daily basis. He currently has in his garage a Kawasaki z 1000 and one Suzuki Intruder M1800R who are the spoiled of the house. And although years ago it was more daring, now there is a moment when you think about whether or not to take the motorcycle: “Years ago, whether it rained, snowed, thunders, or meteorites fell, I took the motorcycle even to buy bread. At the moment I move mainly by motorcycle throughout the year. I always take it, unless there is a rush or a rain of those torrential very beasts where due to inclement weather it is very dangerous to take the motorcycle, In those cases I take the car. But in general, and even raining, I usually take the motorcycle, but always well equipped with pants and a rain jacket … etc.”And Carlos is not lacking experience, because has had about 15 motorcycles throughout his life: Scooters, Maxi, Customs, Nakeds … No sports, but he has tried them.

And as a good daily motorcycle user, he remembers the occasional moment when he had a bad time with one of his mounts: “Coming from the south of France and before arriving in Spain, I came across a road with ice sheets and a lot of fog, practically being at night and without any light. On top with stormy sections where hail fell. It was 2 hours of great anguish. I had to stop at the first gas station I found to dry my gloves a bit and continue.“For this reason, with adverse weather conditions, Carlos recommends”always be well equipped and take extreme precautions, which are all few. “

Alvaro: “I find riding a motorcycle extremely relaxing when it rains “

Your opinion counts: Is the bike only for good weather?

Alvaro He is a 28-year-old Catalan who has been driving motorcycles for five years. For 2 years he has been the proud owner of a 2008 Honda CB1000R, which he uses every day to go to work. For him, inclement weather is not a problem: “if it rains I am more lazy to take it, but not because of the bike itself, but because I get wet and arrive wet at my destination. In fact, I find riding a motorcycle extremely relaxing when it rains. I like the bike in the rain, in the snow and with a shower of meatballs. What I don’t do is go out to curve the mountain with colleagues on a rainy day, in any case I take a lap only at the Miss Daisy pace if I feel like it. “

As a good brave man, he has suffered several hard moments in his own flesh due to bad weather. One of them suffered it with his previous motorcycle, a Suzuki SV650S from 2007: “RI remember one night on the highway back from work. It was very cold and a deluge was falling that prevented me from seeing more than 10/15 m by the amount of water in the visor. If I remember correctly, I was riding with an AGV K3 (without pinlock) and with the visor ajar so that it does not mist, with its corresponding water inlet inside the helmet. I had to go down the shoulder and the trucks would pass me, splashing me. Luckily it was a route that I know by heart and that allowed me to be more attentive to the weather and traffic than to “where I was going”. If not, I probably would have stopped anywhere until the rain stopped. I came home soaked even inside the waterproof clothes because it stuck me through the holes. ” One day not to repeat …

Since that day, Álvaro is very aware of the importance of being well equipped to drive in cold and / or rain:It is necessary to carry a good panty for the neck, raise it up to the nose before putting on the helmet and adjust it to the collar of the jacket. A good winter jacket with waterproof inner lining. I don’t wear rain pants because it doesn’t rain so many times a year here, but I’m sure it’s also a good purchase. “ And, above all, it is aware that, faced with adverse weather conditions, we must exercise extreme caution and modify our driving style: “The worst thing about the rain is not that the ground is wet, it is that the water does not let you see if there is something else: potholes, dirt, oil, small objects … Especially at night. And you have to drive very progressively. Don’t speed up too much. Braking, but not braking hard. Knock down, but do not knock down more than what the curve, etc. asks you to do. Safety distances must be respected. even when you go “parallel” to another vehicle, because many cars in the rain are left without exterior mirrors due to drops on the window. And people get pretty overwhelmed driving in the rain so they do strange maneuvers frequently. And on the bike you don’t go with the usual margin of reaction, above all, contrary to what it seems, when it comes to hitting the gas and getting out of a hurry, especially if you don’t have traction control.

Eder: “These are the days that I most enjoy driving it”

Your opinion counts: Is the bike only for good weather?

Eder He is a 27-year-old Galician who has been increasing in displacement from the moped to obtaining the A2 license. It currently has a Yamaha XT125X used daily for 11 years, rain or shine: “I live in Galicia and to move around city I use the motorcycle rain, snow or we are in the middle of the final judgment, unless you need to carry something large that does not fit in a backpack. And that here it rains on average about 120 days a year. It’s rare the day that I don’t use it. And although many look at me like crazy and others with sorrow when they see me leave the garage with the motorcycle in the middle of the universal flood, in truth These are the days that I most enjoy driving it. “

In his more than 10 years driving motorcycles, Eder has lived through it all but, surprisingly, he has no “anecdote” related to bad weather: “I have to admit that this topic is a curious thing and I had never thought about it now since, although I have experienced several tense situations, none were due to the weather. It must be a mix of luck and caution. ” Or maybe that those of the north are made of another paste, not?.

But as a good Galician, he is aware that, to drive in bad weather, you have to be very well equipped: “To withstand the cold and bad weather I only see one solution, and it is without any doubt arm yourself with good equipment. As for driving, something that seems essential to me is that you must take extreme precautions in bad weather and don’t skimp on tires or maintenance. On days with a lot of rain, mistakes are paid, braking takes a long time and a sudden maneuver, stepping on the paint on the ground or Wearing tires in poor condition can lead to a fall.

Joseph: “I try to avoid excessive heat.”

Your opinion counts: Is the bike only for good weather?

Joseph He is a 48-year-old Galician who in his younger years did not know any other means of transport than a motorcycle. After 30 years of motorcycle license and a long list of two-wheeled “girlfriends”, among which there were from mopeds, a Vespino XE, and others of small displacement, …

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