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Youtuber records his motorcycle accident: Tempting luck

23 mayo, 2021
accidente Youtuber moto

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It is not the first, nor will it be the last video we see of someone recording his own motorcycle accident.

And as on so many other occasions, It is not just about the moment of the fall, but everything that they show throughout the video. This video comes from Russia, and is published on youtuber Vlad1000RR.

They are little more than 8 minutes of video in which we can see 3 bikers skip practically all road safety regulations possible.

Overtaking in continuous line, circular at more than 200 km / h, wheelies

We would say that it surprises us, but we would lie … No wonder they are not well equipped either. They are not wearing a suitable jacket or pants. They do seem to be wearing boots, as well as a helmet and gloves..

But as always, in the end, if you stretch too much of the rope at the end it breaks, and the getaway ends with the biker accident, which she herself records on video.

Although the video shows her being taken to the hospital, we cannot understand what they say. Of course, a Sochi media reports that the girl ended up with a broken finger and various injuries to the nerves that connect the arm to the back.

Is anything good to get a video and an audience, be it on YouTube, Instagram or any other social network? For us definitely not.

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