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YZF R1 2015 the new member of yamaha motorcycles

24 mayo, 2021

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We recently briefly mentioned the YZF R1 2015 the newest member of yamaha bikes in our post on the 10 fastest bikes in the world, well now we will talk more about it.

First we must mention that this model is the maximum effort of yamaha (in terms of street bikes) since it is a direct descendant of the track version, the YZF M1, which makes it a Super Bike, and with this we know that it has all the genes of the moto GP.

Where can we see all these characteristics of the Moto GP? Well, on all sides, starting with the characteristic carbon fiber fairing, the fractured titanium cranks, its weight of 200 kg, the magnesium wheels and sub-chassis and mainly a sensor that Yamaha calls IMU, basically what this does. sensor is to calculate the inclination of the motorcycle through 6 axes and changes its behavior according to the results to prevent us from skidding, this system comes directly from the GP motorcycle.

If this is not enough for you there is also a PRO version, what this version includes is a racing suspension, high performance tires and a communications unit.What does this communications unit do? it simply transfers all the data about your motorcycle’s sensors and GPS data to your smartphone. . .

In summary, the YZF R1 is a racing motorcycle but for the street, fortunately Yamaha likes to include their novelties from the tracks in their consumer motorcycles and this is something that must be recognized from the brand.

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