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Zero Motorcycles custom electric motorcycles

24 mayo, 2021
customzero 6

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Zero Motorcycles wanted to make an appearance in the Motor Bike Expo 2018 which took place in Verona (Italy) at the end of January, with custom electric motorcycles. For this he contacted his Italian sellers so that they were encouraged to carry out various special preparations of the American brand.

This was also a way of showing that electric companies have a niche in the custom sector, and that they can have own character. These are the 6 motorcycles that were exposed:

Green thunder

customzero 4Green thunder

The Zero

customzero 2The Zero

Race F-Line

customzero 6Copper alien

Urban asphalt

customzero 1Urban asphalt

Copper alien

customzero 3Copper alien


customzero 5Z-Egò

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